Sunday, April 4, 2010 @ 01
blogging is fun,but thinking of what to blog about is not that fun.
1)Astro Byond is awesome
2)THE PACIFIC is COOLClash of The Titans is bad,disappointing,agonizing.
3)Why isn't Dear John showing in Malaysia? Sial betul,showing The Last Song instead.darn,just because there's Miley in there.
4)Cant wait for ice kacang puppy love to go on the screens.
5)Cant wait to visit Kenting.

Argh,when can i use my karrimor bag?I really really really wanna go for a week camp,sighh..

Ok,done,gotta finish my acc hmk.ciao

Wednesday, March 24, 2010 @ bored
aite,things to do,my to-do-list

nombor satu: Complete a 21km run before hitting 18
nombor dua: Complete 42 before hitting 19
nombor tiga: Complete a standard triathlon event before hitting 19 as well
nombor empat: Conquer KK + Tahan next year
nombor lima: Get my self a road bike
nombor lima: study?

okay,thats all i can think of. laters
life is hard yo. Acc is killing. Business is fun, econs is fun as well.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010 @ kl mara

Kl marathon 21km route. Awesome?yeah..guess so.

Saturday, March 6, 2010 @ yikes:
hmm, lazy to blog.
my schedule,weekly.
monday : lari
tuesday: relax or panjat tangga
wednesday: lari
thursday: relax or panjat tangga
friday: boulder
saturday: lari far far or waterpolo trainin
sunday:trainin again or relax or rock climb

And i just realised smthn,i got 1 65L karrimor haversack, harness,carabiner,figure of 8, rock climbin shoes, for free? from my neighbour,unbelievable..aye?
especially the 65L karrimor haversack,cost like 800-1000 in malaysia..wowzers.thats expensive.

Ok,right now,all i want for 2010 is just, A road bike. yeah,road bike, i rather have a 2k road bike than a 60k car x)

Btw,found new runnin kakis, julius n kenneth from mckl,woots :)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010 @ Energizer night race! Woots!
aite .. ages since the last update,no reason why.
so,2010,new year,gonna try hitting for 21kms this year =] since i'm turning 18. haha
longest i ever ran was 15 =.= took me bloody almost 2,really bad time aye?=X oops. unlike when i i did my auckland 10km,haha,57 mins with a toe that got dislocated 2 days before, & just gt discharged by the hospital a day before.. xD awesome la!EPIC!

So,this is my plan *from some other guy's blog*
memang macam aku punya situation, 7 weeks to the run =.= haha.. last minute training..

Week 7:
4/2 training run - 3km,3km 14.38/15.07m + 36stories climb
5/2 5km 30.07m *shit azz disappointing T_T *
9/2 1km 4m effin hell, got chased by dog. bloody HOT DOG.
11/2 6km- 34.45m shit azz disappointing as well.
Week 6:
17/2 4km, 20.42 m ok lor.. But wtf,only 4clicks?shit! NOT READY FOR 21!
18/2 9km incl 3 mins rest :) 48.22m :) quite nice timing, YEAH BABEH!
20/2 10km * hopefully less than 55min *
24/10 long run - 6 - 8k

Week 5:
26/10 5km, 3x(2:00, 2:30) AI, 3km
28/10 7 - 10km incl 4x1:30 AI + 6GP
30/10 5 - 7km
31/10 long run - 12 - 15k

Week 4:
Same as week 5
7/11 Long run - 12 -15k

Week 3:
9/11 5km, AI - 2x2:00, 2x2:30, 1x3:00 + 6GP, 3km
11/11 10k + 4GP
13/11 10k
14/11 Long Run - 21k

Week 2:
16/11 5km, 2x(2:00, 3:00, 4:00) AI, 3km
18/11 10k incl 4x2:00 AI + 6GP
20/11 10k
21/11 Long Run - 15 - 16k

Week 1:
Same as week 2
28/11 Long Run - 10k

Week 0:
30/11 3km, 4x1:00 AI
2/12 3km easy, 4GP
4/12 3km easy
5/12 EnergizerNightRun.


Aerobic Intervals (AI) - short fairly fast paced running intervals during the run, tempo run speed (about 85%).

Gentle Pickups (GP) - 100 metre intervals, start by picking up the pace, gradually push it to 90% to full and hold it for 10 to 20 meters, then gradually slow down. Walk to full recovery before starting the next one.

Super Cool Plan aye?lols,i miss the training with my master sifu tommaso,the italiano from tuscany. HE IS THE MAN. Training every morning and after school,up albert hill,couple of rounds, around school,4 or 5 rounds. And to the city too? 6km approx. :) hardly train on the treadmill, its silly =.=
Back in kl,hav only been running with my dad =.=
recently,found a new Kaki, JOVIAN! friend of emelia.Super cool guy,studying in taylors now,TBF. Gonna be running with him for this 21kms. haha. Im currently like freakin fresh off the boat,gotta train all over again. cardio cardio cardio!
cheers guys~

Friday, July 31, 2009 @ 003
woohoo,finally another run after a long break o.@
11km this sunday :P to be frank, no training and all, i've no idea how to finish that race, har har. lol.
Adidas king of the road, shah alam. argh, hope i can finish it in less than an hour. sigh.
11km, purple one

Friday, July 10, 2009 @ 002
Aight guys, gonna make it simple, blog about my some stuffs Bout my life in VSG,2005-2009

Patrols i was in since 2005
2005- Tiger Patrol under ex-Sps Syafiq
2006- Lion Patrol under ex-Sps Loke
2007- Falcon Patrol, myself as a PL
2008- James Cook, senior patrol under ex-Spl Wan Qing
2009- Guy Gibson, myself, as a SPL, lol.

something happened in 2008, :P ahem* faham faham la,my batch.But,back in action in 2009. har har. Together with my batch, the mighty 3,+ me mighty 4. Guess what, 2 orang TL. 2 orang SPL. tak ada SPS at all =.=' and with 6 senior scouts we have.Make up quite a gempak senior troop.Really have very little amount of people in my batch. Still remember the first week in scouts,when i was in Form 1. All the faces of people standing in the horseshoe,disappeared within weeks.lemme list them out aye? People like, kkh, haha, just gona reveal the initials for their name,thats it. From like 60 form 1's, to now,4? thats like a 95 % drop.

VSG taught me many things,too many to name out.FOR REAL. for example, blow a condom. & rescue act, aka wall climbing aka stunts, aka whatever u name it.

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